Kirsty Greenwood

Book cradling

Not often, when I’m reading, I’ll come across a sentence or a phrase so right that I have to close the book and sort of cradle it to my chest for a moment while I catch my breath. 

Then I read it over and over again, worrying that one day I’ll forget.

You do this too, right?

What up with that?

Re-watching season 35 of SNl and this sketch keeps popping up. It cracks me up . The very idea of it, the catchy song, Jason Sudekis dancing in his red trackies and Kenan’s mischievous facial expression each time he interrupts the guest with his singing. And then glorious Bill Hader as The ever forgiving Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac. 

Bits and bobs (23rd November 2015)

1. I’ve been back in my hometown for the last ten days. I visited so I could meet my freshly arrived nephew. He is perfect and soft and my sister looks so blissed out with him in her arms – like, of course she was always supposed to be a mother. I fed him, cuddled him, adored him. Envisioned how soothing it would be to nestle in a rocking chair with a baby of my own against my chest in the muted hours of the morning. Thought about how fearful I would be that something would one day harm them and why would I willingly invite more anxiety into a life that’s already jittery enough?  My maternal urges are sporadic to say the least. I’m trying not to think/worry about this too much.

2. This week, someone cool invited me to be their snail mail pen-pal. I am fucking delighted.

3. I made a bad perfume choice. It was expensive and it smells like some sort of artisan floral vodka. But I’d been in this tiny independent chemist for ages, fussing about and making the nice old chemist man spray me every scent in the shop, which he spent 30 minutes doing without complaint. So I had to buy something because I’m not a total monster.  I spritz the new fragrance onto myself daily. I will simply train myself to like it.

Broad City

I was obsessed with the Broad City web-series when I saw it on Youtube a couple of years ago (said in the smug voice of someone who discovered Abbi and Ilana before you). And then, with the assistance of Amy Poehler in the role of executive producer, it became a fully-fledged TV show on Comedy Central.

God, I love Broad City so much. It’s feminist and funny and rude and unexpected and honest and completely fucking nuts. It encapsulates all of the sensibilities I want to imbue in my own work. Everytime I finish watching an episode I go back to the beginning and watch it again. That’s how good it is.

It’s now showing in the UK on 4Music. Y’ALL SHOULD WATCH IT. Honestly. It’s properly, properly funny.

The Macedonian Edition of The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance

Featured imageI know a book blogger called Dr Ananda. I met her on twitter and I like her very much. She’s an unabashed book-obsessive (as all good book bloggers are), but more than that she always goes that extra mile in support of authors and fellow bloggers. She’s a gorgeous presence who lights up my twitter timeline with infectious enthusiasm. My love for Ananda has only increased since she recently put into motion a very lovely experience for me.

When Ananda read The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance back in April, she declared, in a tweet, that it was her new favourite book of all time. A pretty mind-bending thing for any author to hear. Ananda didn’t just give me a stellar review, though. She went a fair few steps further and recommended the book to a publisher in her home country of Macedonia. I was soon chuffed (as was Ananda) to discover that the editor in Macedonia also loved the book and a Macedonian deal was quickly struck with my agent. Hurrah!

When I saw the cover I sort of squeaked with excitement. The illustration is the same fantastic Jacqueline Bisset drawing from Pan Mac’s UK edition, with the title of the book in this gorgeous bold, badass font that I love, even though it makes no sense to me. Also – seeing your name Cyrillic text is fucking brilliant. As is  the attention the book is getting on the publisher’s busy facebook page (I understand none of what it says, but it all looks positive!).

Ananda is kindly sending me a copy of this beauty, as we speak. Of course, I have asked her to sign the inside for me, as she played such a huge part in its existence. Can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

Thanks Ananda and Sakam Knigi. I’m so honoured to be published in Macedonia.